About Us

    We prepare our food with only the freshest ingredients and cook it in a way that we veer away from using artificial flavoring. We only prepare food upon our customer's request to make sure the food is served as fresh as possible for the ultimate satisfaction of our patrons.

     The core value of Aling Banang's is our close family ties and we treat our loyal patrons as if they're our own. The legacy of Aling Banang's is our customer intimacy. Aling Banang's establishes genuine and lasting relationship with it's patrons.

       Aling Banang's has been in the business for 80 years. Branches are still being put up by Ising's children and grandchildren to reach as much people as we can so as to share with them her legacy.

   Aling Banang's has been delivering gastronomic delight in every cup of halo-halo and palate-satisfying munch with every plate of pancit bihon throughout the years and for years to come.