Started from humble beginnings, Aling Banang's was first put up by Urbana Silva Santiago in 1930's at the San Juan Public Market. It was a small and modest stall with a table and a couple of long wooden benches. The first food item that was served was the halo-halothat has red monggo, white beans, sweetened banana, pinipig, macapuno, gulaman, sago, halaya ube and leche flan (made from duck eggs), which are all home-made ingredients. The delectable dessert was served in empty tin cans of evaporated milk. Aling Banang usually opens her stall during the summer.

     Aling Banang's daughter, Adoracion, or popularly known as Ising ,is the fifth of her twelve children. As a very persevering young lady, she started working in her mother's halo-halo stallat the age of 18. She got married and started to have her own family. She found her hands filled raising 8 children and at the same time making ends meet but she never showed any sign of slowing down. Ising took over the simple and modest stall her mother built but decided to retain the name: Aling Banang's to keep the legacy of her mother.

After a few years of operation, Ising, finally decided to expand the business. She diversified and offered a variety of noodle dishes like palabok, bihon guisado, bihon withsoup and home-made ice cream.

Aling Banang's is now known for it's pancit bihon and halo-halo. Pancit bihon, for it's exceptional taste and it's crunchy and juicy topping of lechon kawali while Aling Banang's halo-halo is widely popular for the it's heavenly leche flan and home-made ice cream.